Ferverino From the Vatican

[Today, at the chapel of the Domus S. Stercus]
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Pastoris Crustum

Over at the 4P’s cheerless corner of the web that has obstinately stuck itself where the sun doesn’t shine, there was some griping last week about how the Pontiff has decided he didn’t need four Pontifical Councils and has joined them into one new dicastery. This eliminates three curial cardinal positions, the 4P points out correctly. Deaconette would have thought this is good news for sourpusses, since those curial cardinals can only drag a cappa magna outside of Rome.

Pastoris Crustum

Deep in the bowels of the Vatican…

But no, apparently it’s not good news. Deaconette understands; St John Paul II’s “Pastor Bonus” has been altered so much that it’s hard to know what still applies. The 4P hypothesized that Pope Francis might want fewer cardinals from Roman offices and more with diocesan experience. Deaconette is not sure if that is a good thing or not but she solves the problem by not caring.

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Papal fantasies

All the cool kids have papal dreams these days. Why should Deaconette miss out on the fun?

Apostolic Karmatic Recyclable Email Memo
(but not a Papal. This is no bull.)


On the appropriate raiment for clergy



Bishop of Rome,
Servant of the Servants of Peanuts on Long Haul Flights,
and Also of God,
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