Saucy Homunculus

Quaeritur, My wife and I are in the final stages of purchasing our first house. When we went to see the house the first time we noticed that the current residents were Indian and of the Hindu religion. We know this because not only of the smell of curry throughout the house but also because of the small shrines and altars throughout the house. While I can appreciate ones conviction towards one’s faith, my wife said we should make sure the house is blessed before we move in. My question is, should we just simply bless the house or should more drastic means of blessing and/or exorcism take place since the house was inhabited by those of another faith? If so, what would be the proper thing to do? Thank you for taking the time to answer this question.

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4P on DePaul University: Getting things exactly wrong, of course.

In an alternate universe, Popette Servetus has proclaimed this the Year of the Dragon and is crunching General Tso’s Chicken right now in the Apostolic Palace. And probably puffing on a fatty, too. But back here in our own universe, Pope Francis has proclaimed this a jubilee Year of Mercy. It seems to Deaconette that it thus is good to ask, what is mercy?

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Sis Seated on Cooler

One Possible Solution

Quaeritur, This past weekend my family and I attended Mass at a neighboring parish, which had for many years been considered very liberal. We were informed that a new pastor had been appointed in the course of the last year who was very orthodox. For his part, the pastor was in fact very reverent and celebrated the Mass accurately. However, the music was horrific, complete with Hippie [sic]  hymns and rythmic [sic] clapping. At the homily the Deacon called the children forward to sit in the sanctuary while he sat facing them and led a “discussion” complete with platitudes about diversity, niceness and quotes from St Martin Luther King.

My question is: Why are good priests so afraid of “stirring the pot” or “sweeping changes” with regard to the proper and reverent celebration of Holy Mass, especially with a supportive bishop and many (perhaps quieter) faithful who just can’t stand the stupidity?

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My View [As It Has Been] For a While

It might surprise someone that after a torrent of stupid in recent weeks from the 4P, including:

— it might be surprising that the single way Deaconette was most offended by the 4P’s scribbles was a photo caption describing his attitude toward towards air travel. Deaconette is a stripper for a living. She does not dance on a pole, but her profession often requires the removal of shoes, coats and belts and a virtual strip-search for the TSA. By spending so much time in airports she has found that very few people intend to be awful there, but stress and disorientation sometimes makes it so. There’s nothing to be done about that fact, but while one is changing one’s latitude, one can make changes in attitude.

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Poor Ireland. Poor poor Ireland. What has become of the Church in Ireland?

Ah, would you ever look at how much better tings were for Holy Mother Church in Ireland in 1962? People had real reverence back then for the sacred. Like chalices and priests and good manners and dress and leather straps and hurley sticks to the nose and Brother Ignatius’ piping his flute yer backside. Yiz can ask any American Lutheran convert Pathetic Peripatetic Prevaricating Presbyter and that’s his parenetic, it is so. Looka the fillums! There’s a moment at the very end which shows you who really ran the Church!

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Viewer Mail

Deaconette C has been rather busy for a few weeks. Subject to an operant behavior conditioning system in which she must perform certain tasks to a certain amplitude in order to be rewarded with essential remuneration — it’s called “earning a living,” for those who, like the 4P, may not be familiar — she has had to put aside her blogging satire for a while. Fear not, for the trove of prediculous pontification and prevaricating pomposity is a deep cellar of riches and your Deaconette will return to frolic in its overflowing mendacity soon. Her apologies for how quiet it has been around here meanwhile.

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