Costume Jewellery

actionitemDoes € 880.00 seem a bit pricey for 3-D printed plastic hats to you? It does to Deaconette. Could the cost be run up, not so much the plastic, as by the genuine Elmo Muppet hide that is affixed as a plume?

Perhaps we should rally round and pass the, ahem, hat. In such a way, those fine Helvetian gentlemen who keep safe the Holy See from terrorists bearing halberds and bardiches can attend to their duties without pecuniary anxieties. It is the example of almsgiving so often set for us by the 4P.

“Guard spokesman Sgt. Urs Breitenmoser says the new helmets won’t be used Sunday. The army is looking for sponsors for the 880-euro ($1,050) helmets, which cost about half as much as the old metal ones.” One has to wonder where the Sergeant got the idea that great swathes of the public-at-large stand ready to donate to so literally quixotic a cause. Read the rest, gentle readers, at and contribute.

Or not. Deaconette is sure you can find less silly uses and more worthy needs for the earnings you spread in charity.