Unsupported Assumptions and a Feast with Heart

Deaconette does not earn her living as a promoter of Sourpuss Soaps or Creepy Crank Coffee. She has pecuniary needs that can not be met by an Amazon wish list. Ceramic drinkware sales will never pay her rent. The only time she begs anyone for money is during her annual performance review, and she so hates that exercise that she avoids begging elsewhence. The consequence is that she has to put in hours of non-blogging labor in the service of others just to keep up with the rat race. She hasn’t the extensive time some rats find to tap out ten blog posts a day. She frankly feels lucky when she gets one post done here in a week.

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Saints Nunilo and Alodia, pray for John Zuhlsdorf.

Why would someone 800 miles inland in a backwater city — one that doesn’t break America’s top 50 — be so obsessed with terrorism? Is Madison on the Wahabi radar for some reason? Are Muslim extremists traveling there with a newfound fancy for Oscar Meyer bologna? Deaconette thought Islam prohibited ingesting pork products, so that can’t be it. Perhaps it’s your processed cheese or noodle hot dish they seek.

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Bpette. Zubik: Our Number One Priority Has To Be "We Need Better Bishops."



“The Gospels? I left them behind me somewhere,” said Bishop Zubik

Deaconette has been saying it for years! Bishops in America are just slightly more reactionary than Satan. And case you forgot, Jesus told us our number one priority is the poor. Forget that and one really can’t say one is Christian, can one now?

Deaconette understands if you did forget; these days very few priests and bishops seem to be acquainted with anything Jesus said in His Gospels and just make stuff up to suit their fundraising whims. You, gentle reader, should try to stick to the basic precepts of our faith and remember that for the most part, clericalists are the basic rejects of our faith. No matter how much amaranth they have in their deep, dark closet.

Say the Smurf. Do the Smurf.


I’ve been smurfing around for information on the smurfs of the newly smurfed Commission that will smurf the question of smurfettes.

I smurfed an interview with the German theologian Karl-Heinz Menke at Die Schmurphelt. HERE It doesn’t have a smurfy headline, but it smurfs up being fairly smurfy.

For smurf (my smurfy translation, which I am sure could be smurfed.):

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New Commission on Deacons formed

OH SHIT. The Wooden Spoon!Apropos of yesterday’s news that Pope Francis has appointed members to a commission to study the question of the possibility of deaconesses (aka deacons – so much easier to say), I bring your attention to a recent offering at Why Do Traddies Preemptively Ruin Stuff by the alleged perpetual doctoral scholar Fr Z.

Here is the piece, which should definitely be set to music for a light comic opera or have cartoon panels drawn for it.

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