Specie Circular

2019 Predictions

1. Pres. Trump will be credibly accused of several felonious activities before, in pursuit of, and during his Presidency by the Special Counsel, but will not be removed from office, as this will politically benefit neither party.

2. The Pleonasmic Porcelain-Peddling Priest will miss the point and continue to tout the brand of an inveterate pathological liar, associate of known criminals, philanderer of porn stars, and likely felon and traitor because hey, he puts men just like him (*cough*cavanough*cough*) on the Supreme Court.

3. The Diocese of Madison will get a new ordinary who would be relatively low on the terna Fr Z would have submitted, had anyone cared what he thought and entrusted to him the well-being of his brother priests, which of course they did not. Looking further ahead than 2019, it will come to pass that the new Bishop of Madison will either curtail WDTPRS or The 4P will relocate to avoid that fate.

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