Meet the Blogger Priest Firing Red Pills at the Vatican

Said Faggioli, “Fr. Z is much more convinced about the Christian character of Donald Trump than of Pope Francis. That’s remarkable.”

actionitemDeaconette thinks Dr. Massimo Faggioli has an enviable gift of concision which has ever eluded her. Perfection being attained not by addition but by subtraction, Deaconette will not embellish on the good professor’s elegant and astute observation.

If you have not yet read the profile of Father Zuhlsdorf that ran in yesterday’s BuzzFeed, go do. Share it far and wide.

“Meet the Blogger Priest Firing Red Pills at the Vatican”
Joseph Bernstein, BuzzFeed, February 1, 2018


14 thoughts on “Meet the Blogger Priest Firing Red Pills at the Vatican

    • Deaconette is not above satire by any means. But sadly, this post serves merely to link a very accurate profile of Father Zuhlsdorf deserving of your attention. Stick around, gentle reader; you will find satire on these electronic pages.


      • It appears he finally responded. Thinks it’s a Martin hit job. I’ve always thought that his “which drink is mine” pics were actually all his, and this proves it.


  1. Deaconette, it seems Prester John the Pantalooned was denied permission to say EF Mass at the Basilica in DC. Might the church be finally over his shenanigans, especially after the Buzzfeed article?

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  2. OK, thanks so much. It defies the imagination that Z would present himself whatsoever in the company of thinking, critical people. He is literally surrounded by a firewall to exclude any criticism, challenge or debate.


    • Ah now. Deaconette rarely rages, and she does jog five miles every other day in addition to her indoor cardio. Or did you mean merely that her genitals were plump? Deaconette does not see how you would know, given that they are not open to inspection by others than her doctor and husband.


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