Sticky on Culo

Quaeritur: Can the saturno be worn with a black suit, or only with a cassock?

Dicendum: Indeed it may, Fr Vincent Fitzpatrick, and Deaconette thanks Your Reverend Fatherhood for the absurdity of your delicious question. A saturno is actually proper to a black suit rather than to a cassock. There are some caveats, however, to be observed.

The suit should be double-breasted, pinstriped and of Italian manufacture. A sloppy mustache, creased traveling stole (either violet, or reversible with violet facing out), overcoat and lit cigarette are usual accessories. Deaconette’s Whisper-Detector of the Vatican Loggias is kind enough to model the ensemble for us, below:

There is a version for we female clerics, naturally:

If you believe that wearing a cappello romano in public will in any way assist you in your ministry, do not forget the rose-tinted glasses, which you will certainly already have in your wardrobe.

On another note, Deaconette was going to wait until after the Nativity to announce her Action Item for the gentle readership of these electronic pages, “Douillettes for Douchemustaches,” but now seems the time.


2 thoughts on “Sticky on Culo

  1. Sometimes they write themselves, don’t they, Deaconette? Are you “of a certain age,” as Z would put it? You don’t see many references to Fr Guido Sarducci any more. I don’t know why, but I had assumed you were a millennial.


    • They do indeed. The geyser of goofy at WDTPRS is an Aladdin’s cave of writing prompts. Or a Plato’s cave. Deaconette isn’t sure how to mix the metaphor.

      Guido Sarducci is before Deaconette’s time but when one travels in churchy company one is exposed to many old jokes and often ad nauseam.


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